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Utilities for Total Annihilation - Others utilities - Bonus


Fichier Taille Description
3DO Builder 1.0 (Kinboat) 4,9 MB Here is the 3do builder which allows you to convert DXF files to 3do and back. Now supports LWO formats!
BOS Editor 1,5 MB Includes the added ability of notepad sectionized commands for making TA BOS files.
BOS-Functions 1,08 KB This text-file contain all functions for BOS-programming.
Cobbler 4 243 KB With the 3do Builder and cobbler, you can make 100% new units with new models! This program simply converts .bos files to .cob in the unit scripts directory.Extract some .bos files from totala1.hpi for samples.
Fred 1.03 320,5 KB This program allows you to make easily FBI files for your units.
Gaf Builder 1.0 185 KB This program makes GAF files with pictures. You can create explosions, units pictures and textures.
Gaffer 14 KB You can make GAF unit pictures with 3 bitmaps with this program.
HPI Manager 3,1 MB The best hpi program, all in one with tons of features, there's too many to list down here ! Just Grab this program !

This is a command line based HPI file extractor. It can be used as a replacement for WriteHPI.Supports CCX,GP*,HPI & UFO.

HPIPACK 70 KB Create your own HPI and UFO files.Now supports 2 compression methods - LZ77(old) & ZLib(new)
HPIVIEW 67,5 KB This is a HPI file browser with an explorer-like interface, allowing you to browse, view, and extract individual files from an HPI or UFO file.Now supports - CCX,GP* files!
Patch 3.1 8,1 MB This patch will update only the newest totala.exe file in your Total Annihilation game directory or subdirectories. Problems may occur if you have upgraded to version 3.0 and then installed the The Core Contingency expansion pack.
TA Fly 180 KB This cool program allows you to fly over TA uncompressed maps. It crashes sometimes.
TA Unit Viewer & Comparer 240 KB With this program you can compare units and you can modify unit files without uncompress them.
Texture Packer 86 KB This program makes textures files in ufo and gaf format.


2 KB


Place the totala.ini text file inside your Total Annihilation directory on your hard drive (default is C:\Cavedog\Totala). You can change the unit number limit in this file.
TotalWeapon 413 KB You can make new weapons with this program.
Uncobbler 151 KB This program dissassemble COB files into BOS files.
Backgrounds for 3DOBuilder 106 KB A pack of pictures for 3DOBuilder (to make unit pics)



File Size Description
Breeze Designer 2.05 1,3 MB Simple 3D editor.
Crossroads 2 MB Convert a lot of 3D formats.
Direct Play 6.1 233 KB Total Annihilation recommends updating to DirectPlay 6.1a
Winzip 7.0 922 KB Packer/unpacker of ip archives.


File Size Description
Theme for Windows ARM 313 KB Include cursors, icons and a cool auto-sized wallpaper. Windows 95 Plus or 98 recommanded.
Theme for Windows CORE 318 KB

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