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Launch the EXE/ZIP file to install the units. When asked for, enter the game installation path (default C:\CAVEDOG\TOTALA) and click Unzip/Extract. You can now launch the game to enjoy your new unit.

In this page you can find the hidden link to the secret unit ! Do not forget to read the readme before using this unit.




ARM Eraser in Basic pack Basic pack : Contain main construction units. Used by the others units. Include some more units : ARM Eraser (see picture), underwater sonar and torpillar...

286 KB

Sonar jammers

Sonar jammers (ARM & CORE) : Very useful, these jammers are under-water.

66 KB

Tryde Tryde (ARM) : Fast Heavy Assault K-Bot. Amphibious and good climber. Cloakable, it fires torpedoes and heavy laser. It is fast-built : Instant building for 2000M et 5000E.

49 KB

Super Mohos Advanced Mohos (ARM & CORE) : Amphibious Advanced Metal  Extractor : They can be built everywhere ! Makes more metal than a Moho.

49 KB

MEGAFUSION Super nuclear plants (ARM & CORE) : Don't worry about your ressources with these plants, they make 100000E and 500M. They are cloakable, but they are VERY expensive.

67 KB

Factories VD Advanced Factories (ARM & CORE) : Very powerful factory for the CORE. Build some VD units and CAVEDOG units.

307 KB

Very Heavy Laser Turret (CORE) : This is the enemy of the Eraser. It has the same power without the radar.

26 KB

Advanced Solar Plants (ARM & CORE) : Here are the advanced solar plants, which produce 100E for the ARM and 90E for the CORE. Unfortunately they are big and easily breakable. Built by the construction K-Bots.

32 KB

Tiger (CORE) : It is a small and fast gunship armed with a laser, built by the airplant.

13 KB

Dominance (ARM) : This starship is as powerful as the Krogoth. It has a lot of guns, like in Star Wars, with his heavy laser. It is a targeting upgrade, but it cost 1000E to work.

27 KB

Fortifications (ARM & CORE) : This pack includes walls, doors, turrets, and each unit has a naval version. Include a special seaplane to built these units faster.

197 KB

Dominator (ARM)  : This ship is the mobile floating version of the doomsday, built by the VD Shipyard.

15 KB

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