* : Code not tried.

Cheat codes

+ATM Add 1000 Energy and 1000 Metal
+CONTROL# Set AI level (0-3)
+DITHER  Modify fog of war's look
+DOUBLESHOT Double damages (battle mode only) *
+HALFSHOOT Half damages *
+ILOSE  You lose *
+IWIN You win *
+KILL Kill all enemy units (battle mode only, I have tried without result)
+LOS Show entire map, without units *
+METEOR Meteors *
+NOENERGY Remove your energy
+NOMETAL Remove your metal
+NOSHAKE Remove earthquakes when something explodes *
+NOWISEE Remove fog of war and show entire map (battle mode only)
+RADAR Reveal all units' position *
+VIEW# # is a player number *

Legal codes

+CDSTART Start CD track *
+CDSTOP  Stop CD track *
+CLOCK Display a clock during the game (retype to hide the clock)
+CONTOUR# Show 3D contours (0-15)
+SHADOW Show/Hide shadows *
+SHARE ALL RESOURCES Multiplayer only *
+SHARE ENERGY Multiplayer only
+SHARE METAL  Multiplayer only
+SHARE RADAR Multiplayer only
+SHOWRANGES Press SHIFT while pointing a unit to see ranges (radar, weapons)
+SHOOTALL Your units attack all enemy units which have ShootMe=0 (Extractor)
+SING Your units sing when you select them
+SOUND3D (De)Activate 3D Sound*


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